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Top 3 Tips for New Runners from an Ultra-Marathoner

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Ultra-marathoner Ben Evans is back with his top three tips for new runners who want to #TakeTheStep this year.
1. Start small
Ben says the biggest piece of advice he can give anyone with any new exercise program, but especially running, is to start really small. Most running injuries occur because your body has not had the chance to adapt to what you're doing. The key to prevent this is to start small and make incremental improvements.
Ben took this same approach in 2012 when he was first getting into running. "I dug out some running shoes and just ran to the end of the block and back. I felt like I was gonna die, but I just decided to get up the next morning and do it again. I've done it almost every day since."
2. Make it fun!
This piece of advice goes hand-in-hand with starting small! According to Ben, new runners should make it fun and easy. He often sees new runners push themselves to the max, especially in the beginning when their bodies aren't used to it, who burn out and wind up hating running. 
Ben compares it to the first day back at school when you're a kid. On your first day back, the teacher eases the class back into the swing of things and makes it fun. "If the teacher has you doing super hard math problems with tons of homework on the very first day, no one is going to want to go back!" This holds true with running, too. Ben wants you to want to keep coming back!
3. Be proud of your accomplishments
Ben urges new runners to be proud of their accomplishments! "Be proud of the face that you're out there doing it. That's more than 99% of people can say." He points out that it will continue to get easier. "Think of how grateful a year from now you'll be that your started running." This gratitude mindset helps runners stay consistent, while marking their milestone achievements! 
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