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Oriya Organics: COVID Co-Op Description Form


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, organic superfood brand, Oriya Organics, has developed a financial support and stimulus program for individuals employed in the health and fitness industries and whose livelihoods have been affected by the novel coronavirus.  Oriya established its financial support program, COVID Co-Op, to offer aid to those struggling within the health and fitness industries during this time of economic unrest. The program was created with independent operators in mind, such as, personal trainers and nutrition coaches to help them create an alternative revenue stream.


How the program works:


Oriya Organics will provide a unique coupon code and affiliate link to each eligible recipient.  The coupon codes can be displayed and released by each recipient to followers and friends via social media, email and other means of communication.  Each coupon code will provide a 10% discount for each affiliates’ followers to use.


All affiliates will receive a generous commission that breaks down as follows for each product sale:


#5 100% Plant Protein: 600 gram jar - $10.00 per unit sold

#6 Gather Paleo Plant Protein: 540 gram jar - $10.000 per unit sold

Keto Fast: Plant-Based Meal: 420 gram jar - $8.00 per unit sold

#3 Summit Energizer: 144 gram jar - $8.00 per unit sold

#4 100% Greens: 227 gram jar - $8.00 per unit


Each affiliate will have an account registered with GoAff pro – this is a third party app that allows recipients to view and track all sales and commissions.


This program will run from April 15, 2020 through June 30, 2020.  All affiliate sales will be tracked and paid out through these date ranges.


Payments will be made to all affiliates on a monthly basis.

Payments can be made via direct deposit, Paypal or physical check sent through the mail.  Payment method can be decided upon by each affiliate enrolled in the program.  After June 30, 2020, all coupon codes and affiliate links will be terminated. 


Oriya Organics can provide photos of the products and in some cases, physical samples for the recipient to try and use for fresh content and social media posts.  For more information on physical samples, email david@oriyaorganics.com.