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Oriya Organics - Our Story


 Back in 2012, we realized there was something fundamentally flawed with the protein powder and supplements industry.  All of the protein and superfood powders sold in stores were chocked full of fillers and emulsifiers like soy lecithin, maltodextrin and other synthetic additives.  Everything contained artificial flavors, sweeteners and other ingredients that we didn't want to put into our bodies, including whey and animal based protein products.

 So in 2012, we set out to establish a brand that would go against the grain and raise the bar in regards to organic, plant-based nutrition. We created Oriya Organics with the goal of moving the supplements industry forward - towards clean label, plant-based formulas free from harmful additives, sweeteners and flavors.  Every ingredient selected for our formulas was chosen to provide a tangible health benefit as we believe in getting functional nutrition from food, just as nature intended.

 Fast forward to 2022 and we continue to provide clean label plant protein and superfood formulas without ever wavering on our industry leading ingredient standards and transparency.  With products sold in over 500 retail locations and over a decade in business, we remain true to our original commitments of clean label nutrition, formulated to the highest integrity standards in the industry.

We appreciate all of the support we have seen from our loyal fans over the years and remain humbled by our opportunity to support you on your health journey. 

Healthy regards,

The Oriya Organics team